EnPlus Advisors

Rosen has worked with EnPlus Advisors, a data analysis company that creates custom software. More to come in this space!

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

New simulations confirm efficiency of waste-removal process in plasma device

Feathers and whiskers help prevent short circuits in plasma devices

PPPL scientists deliver new high-resolution diagnostic to national laser facility

Math Geek


Math Geek on Amazon

SciArt in America

Fragile Legacy (June 2016)

Molecular Animations (December 2015)

Straight Talk with James Gurney (June 2015)

Places & Spaces: Hypersonic (December 2014)

Spotlight: Michael Flynn and Fun Exhibits (October 2014)

Spotlight: Chronicling the Space Age in Watercolor (June 2014)

Review: Natural Histories (April 2014)

Spotlight: Drawing on Science (February 2014)

At a Glance: Artist China Blue Shows at Tokyo Experimental Festival (December 2013)

Spotlight: The Chemistry Notebook of Maxfield Parrish (December 2013)


The Secret Science of the Hubble Space Telescope’s Amazing Images

Students Design Radiation Shield for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

NASA Supersonic Science Aims to Shush Sonic Booms

European Probe Survives Daring Dive Through Venus Atmosphere

How Cosmic Lenses Reveal the Depth of Deep Space

Atomic Clock Will Fly to Space Station in 2016

Whoops!  So-Called “Asteroid” is Actually a Comet

Astronauts to Test “Touch-Feely” Wearable Robot Joystick in Space


Dueling Dinosaurs Hit the Auction Block (June 2014)

Read, Search & Find: Space

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