Raphael Rosen loves the well-placed semi-colon, the clear thought, the sure exposition. He specializes in writing about science and technology, but past projects have touched on art, design, and museums.  He’s also a social media marketing strategist with experience in the healthcare and medical worlds.

Rosen’s latest book, Math Geek, is now available in China, South Korea, and Russia. If you happen to live in those countries, look for Math Geek at your local bookstore!

Otherwise, you can find Math Geek on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.  Read a review of Math Geek at the LA Review of Books. And learn why Math Geek would be a “superb book” for anyone either interested in mathematics or having trouble understanding it.

In the past Rosen has written for the Wall Street Journal, NASA, the World Science Festival, Space.com, EARTHDiscoverSky & TelescopeScholastic Science World, the American Technion Society, SciArt in America, TheFix.com, the Encyclopedia of Life, Princeton University, and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. He has also written a children’s book about outer space.


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